VertiFlex All Clean

Not just an innovative design, it also has a revolutionary look!

Vertiflex All Clean can be adapted to modern architecture’s proportion and aesthetic. This product can be evaluated as a second core of the building facade. This remote-controlled system has developed such a combination of balustrade/railing and balcony glazing system to reach the maximum panoramic view.

Fully Functional Remote Control!

As an option, the Vertiflex All-Clean can be integrated into smartphone systems with the appropriate receivers. In addition to the remote control, the system can also be controlled from smartphones compatible with IOS and Android.

Tested & Approved Climatic Facade System

Vertiflex All-Clean is the FIRST and the ONLY system which achieved the highest results in its class from tests such as
“wind resistance”,
“water permeability”,
“impact resistance”
conducted by the “International Accredited Test Institute” PfB in Germany.

Technical Details Descriptions
Panel Sizes Max. width: 4500 mm
Max height:4500 mm
Panel Configuration 2 Panels / 3 Panels
Glass Types Heat-Insulated / Tempered /
Laminated Glass
Glass Thickness 22 mm (5 + 12 + 5)
Lock Solution Comfort Lock
Movement Mechanism Stainless Chai