Tiara 08-10

Next Generation Balcony Glazing System Tiara, makes your balcony a useful room of your house.

Tiara system is a Sliding Folding System. The panels slide on the rails with the help of the top and bottom rollers. All the panels can be folded and stocked in the right or left side. In open position, the panels are positioned perpendicular to the rail profile.

The system has been developed to be used easily for years without requesting any technical service. In malls, restaurants, cafes, and offices, wherever you need a flexible solution to keep your space free when it is opened up, as well as secure and visible when it is closed.


Tiara Balcony Glazing System have been tested by German PfB Technical Institute for wind permeability test according to European standards and had Class3 result.

Technical Details Descriptions
Max. height (08):
Max. height (10):
Max width (08 / 10) :
2400 mm
2600 mm
800 mm
Glass Types Tempered / Laminated Glass
Glass Thickness 08 mm / 10 mm
Threshold Options Int / Flat / Slim / Zero
Lock Options Comfort / Child Lock
/ Glass to Glass Lock
Wind Protection (Lock) Optional