Tiara Twinmax

Heat Insulated Balcony Glazing System Tiara Twinmax differing with its both functionality and visuality from other balcony glazing systems makes your balcony a useful room for your house.

Era Pergola presents consumers with the highest insulation level for a balcony glazing system has reached. For the first time in the sector magnetic gasket, EPDM gasket and brush are used together in the same system to increase the insulation level. The system has been developed to be used easily for years without requesting any technical service.


Tiara Twinmax Heat Insulated Balcony Glazing system and Tiara08 Balcony Glazing System have been tested by German PfB Technical Institute for wind permeability test according to European standards and had Class3 result.

Technical Details Descriptions
Panel Sizes Max. width: 800 mm
Max height: 3000 mm
Glass Types Heat-Insulated / Tempered
/ Laminated Glass
Glass Thickness 28 mm (4 + 20 + 4)
Threshold Options Flat / Slim / Zero
Jalousie Optional
Wind Protection(Lock) Optional