If you prevent wind, dust, water, etc., while protecting your entire view, AirFlex is your type! With configurable corner solutions and fixing options in flower pots or hidden flanges, this system can be adaptable to terraces, under patios, office partitions, HoReCa, etc.

Airflex can be applied to 5 different glass heights and types while providing security and aesthetic look.

Control the wind where you want, how you want!

Airflex is the next generation wind-breaker system, which can be opened with one touch. Therefore, thiswind-breaker system can be applied to houses, schools, hospitals, malls, stadiums, cafes, restaurants. In a word, Airflex is a balustrade system used both with/without handrails.

Technical Details Descriptions
Module Height Max. 1900 mm
Module Width Max. 1800 mm
Mobile Glass Type 6 / 6,76 mm
Stable Glass Type 8 / 8,76 / 9,52 / 10,76 / 11,52 mm
Fixing Guide Standard, Hidden, Flower Pot, Mobile
Lock Options Push, Security Lock
Led Solution Optional; should be demanded.