Bioclimatic Roof

Bioclimatic Pergola is a waterproof shading system. Rotating lamellae and system are completely made of aluminium. Provides production from sunlight on sunny days. With its special feature Provides protectionfrom rain, water or snow.

We provide colors and the possibility of being differentadding, with the diversity of modern design (Led, rain, wind, snow sensors etc.) Using areas of Bioclimatiche Pergola; homes, hotelsfacilities, restaurantsandcafes.


Bioclimatic Pergola minimizes the noise that may occur during operation. The movement of the lamellae becomes 105° owig to engines. The motorized system that allows the free movement of the lamellaeis located inside the system. Prevention of noise caused by lamellae with the use of gaskets. And water which may leak through on one side with strap. Lamellaare collected on one side owing to strap. There are led channels in the interior of the gutter. Led light can be changed through RGB. And also light adjustable owning to dimmer. It is used in large areas by bringing the system side by side.