Rolling Roof

The retractable bioclimatic aluminum pergola system provides a comfortable outdoor coating to its users with its design that allows outdoor use in all seasons of the year and in al weather conditions. The system is designed to with stand even severe weather conditions such as strong winds , the worst rain , hall or excessive sunlight The system has been sized according to its design using high grade 10 m extruded aluminum proffies that provide superior performance for exterior product applications. For all proffes, surface protection against environmental conditions is provided with thermoset powder coating To ensure longer system life, all bolts, screws and pins are chosen from high grade stainless steel or surface – coated alloy steel materials The roof panel profiles have been designed with unique water guard side channels and cast aluminum and plates to allow for widths up to 7 m per system. Projections are customized according to site requirements and available in any size up to 7 m.

System remotely controlled provides protection up to 24 square meters but it is also possible to connect multiple systems together when required it is possible and easy to use in all weather conditions with the profile and joining kits with unique design that provide 100% waterproof joining at all times. Systern has an integrated gutter system specially designed to carry away even the heaviest rain smoothly . Also, a unique roof panel profile design with a special geometry is presented to transfer water easily to the gutter system by flowing over the roof panels. A comfortable living space is offered to users with a specially produced direct drive motor system to provide smooth and quieter operation with remote controlled motorization.