Zip System

Zip systems, which we can call as the new generation sunshade curtain, is a new motorized outer curtain model with a high satisfaction rate and its use has increased rapidly recently. It is possible to use it in all areas instead of shading systems such as classic awnings and glass. It can be applied to restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, shops, villas or any building you wish.

Our company uses distinguished brand fabrics that are accepted as the highest technology, have reached the top of UV standards and are accepted all over the world. Its extra-protected fabric is produced in full resistance to all external factors, impact, water, sun, land and wind.

  • 15 m2 single piece applicability
  • Durable and durable profile, accessories and fabrics
  • Resistant to wind up to 130 km / h thanks to its inimitable technology
  • 38% to 92% energy savings
  • Protection against dust, pollen and insects in closed position
  • Wide fabric options with various light transmittance and colors upon request

Products will be sent in one piece, installed and ready for assembly.

All necessary information will be provided for its assembly.